Kimberly Amaya

Also Known As:



House of Thoth


English, Art, French, Drama, Social Studies, and World History.

About Kimbery Amaya-Edit

She is a student that goes to our boarding school and lives in the House of Thoth. She takes English, Art, French, Drama, Social Studies, and World History. She is a kind-hearted person that you can always rely on. She is always there to help out anyone in need, and she does tend to be kind to others. She doesn't really get angered easily and she will never lose control of my anger. In her spare time, she does enjoy reading and writing. She writes nearly everyday, and it's the only way she can truly express her feelings and emotions. It sets her free, and she really hope to write her own book one day. She likes to make others happy and cheerful. Helping people is one of her favorite things to do, there's nothing better than making someone's day with a random act of kindness.

Student ID Card-Edit

Kimberly's Friends-Edit

Kimberly's Homework-Edit

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