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Welcome to Mr. Winkler's Social Studies Page!-

During this semester, I plan on teaching everyone about culture, religion and language. I also hope to incorporate a little bit of fun into my lessons to make it seem less boring. We will be learning about people's culture, religions around the word and the languages people speak.

Homework and Classwork-

Homework will be given everyweek and the classwork is expected to be done every class neatly and thouroughly. The homework should be handed in on the due date and if any student fails to reach that date, they will be spending a day in detention.

Current Homework-

There is currently no homework.

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Welcome to Mr. Demero's Page-

Welcome to my page. I'm the World History teacher, Mr. Demero. I hope to teach the students about the history of other countries around the globe. To compare and contrast the differences and similarities between our country and other countries.

Homework and Classwork-

Homework will be handed out every week and is expected to be handed back on the duedate. Classwork is expected to be done in class and promptly and nicely. Anyone who fails to finish the majority of the classwork will recive a day in detention.

Current Homework-

There is no current homework.

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